« Schlunz »
by Birgit Lu Mazen

490 €

I spent most of my life in men’s circles. Eg at university, in chemistry labs with broken furniture, a run down atmosphere and men. Their favorite word was „Schlunz“ (muck). When visiting a small, aged factory in Bavaria, I recalled my experience. In the men’s canteen, I found dusty lamps, tables out of use. In the change rooms, there were green lockers decorated with a pink, flowery towel from times gone by.

about the artist:

Since 2001, Lu works on photography. Master courses with Josef Schulz and Sonja Braas. Lu exhibits internationally, at festivals, eg Reclaim/UK and Kuala Lumpur Festival. Galleries include Ulli Seufert and Peter Litvai  in Germany and Tina Goncalvez in Portugal. In Germany she exhibits at renowned art associations. She became 3. Prize winner of the Alzey-Worms Art prize in 2016 and bronze winner at Px3 (2015), finalist eg. at Premio Arte Laguna (2015), Premio Celeste (2015), Premio Lynx, Julia Cameron Gala Award, the South West German Art Prize.


490 €