Houlen #3
by Martha Ormiston

After exhausting the lay game, the sit game, and the pace game, try these: the game throwing game, game of stacking, stacking game, game of illusion, illusion game, dress up game, balance game (balance game a lot like stacking game but more precarious), game of thinking of games, game of disguise, game of floating, floating game, sometimes a hang and spin game, bounce game (an extension of throwing game), find the mouse game, memory game (NOT FUN), linking game, how to leave game, game of where to go, and game of what happened here.

About the artist:

Martha Ormiston (b. Rochester, NY) is a writer, photographer and video artist whose work has been exhibited internationally. She received an MFA from the Image Text program out of Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY, and is based —at the time of this writing—in New York City, where she makes a living as a graphic designer. 

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