by Rodolfo Gil

A narrative about intimacy, in the course of the passage of days in the space that is inhabited. This series of images, comprises fragments of stories, fictions, which raise questions (never entirely revealed), projecting the imagination of the viewer on what happens inside, showing the psychological dimension of the place and of the daily environment. Here, we cross past and present, revealing silences and dissent, in a slow passage of time. Weariness, routine, disharmony and inability to communicate are the main focus of this work.

About the artist:

Born in Lisbon (PT), where he lives and works. Studied Philosophy and History. In his artistic training attended the Contemporary Photography graduation at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, studying also at Ar.Co and Atelier de Lisboa. In his photographic project seeks to explore relations between the sound and image, taking also the transformations and dynamics of the urban space as a recurring theme. More recently he has dealt with themes related to the notion of sense of place, exploring different approaches to an idea of "home”.

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