Mine are the eyes of God #2
by Oliver Raschka

The image is from the recent series MINE ARE THE EYES OF GOD, which questions what we see and what we want to believe. The images reflect the immediate surroundings of the photographer.  The absence of colour emphasizes the connections of complex urban constructions, which are essential parts of human perception levels. Although there are no real people in the images, it is intriguing to recognize that man determines his entire environment. They show the transformation of everyday motifs into an art form, without losing their urban rawness.

About the artist:

Oliver Raschka is a photographer from Stuttgart, Germany. He studied economics and psychology. As a photographic autodidact he trained himself through numerous workshops with renowned photographers. He loves black-and-white photography, coffee is the drug of his choice, and loud rock music is what he likes. His photographs have been widely published in group and individual exhibitions as well as in international and national Journals (e.g. Deutsche Fotografische Akademie, Deutscher Werkbund, London Independent Photography, Opus Fotopreis).


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