from the series ‘Folded Light’
by Cailean Couldridge

‘Folded Light’ is a series of images charting the sculptural shapes and qualities of interior light, reimagined it as if it were a form of origami. Many of the works and forms that comprise the series are intended as representations rather than recordings. For this reason they are esoteric and enigmatic as stand-alone images.

About the artist:

Cailean Couldridge trained as an art historian and works predominantly with medium and large format film, as well as alternative silver gelatin processes, including direct-positive prints, paper negatives and photograms.
With an interest in the subtle shifts between realism and abstraction, his images are focussed on bold conceptual elements and simple, notional compositions. Using meticulous, deliberate practices, he creates arrangements that feel impermanent and mutable; a form of image-making which is reductive in essence.

150 €