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Frozen, Wintry View of Circular Manicouagan Reservoir, Canada.January 28th, 2013 copie.jpg



© Vanessa Gandar

+++ The call is closed, thank you for your participation! Results will be announced in the beginning of May 2024 +++


We are thrilled to announce a new collaboration between PEP and the Mulhouse Photo Bienniale!

Selected artists will participate in the PEP X BPM group exhibition in September/October 2024 as part of the Photo Bienniale of Mulhouse (France).


For the 6th edition of the BPM, we invite artists to join us on a journey through (im)possible worlds: confessions of defeat and promises for the future.

This group exhibition will present a poetic approach to our planet in the age of the Anthropocene and explore the different questions that it raises. What is the impact of human activity on the environment and climate? Have we reached a point of no return, or can we envision viable alternatives for the future? What is our relationship with nature? What is the role of humans as a species on this planet? How do we relate to the elements and to the cosmos?

Through this open call, we are inviting artists to share their visions on our post-industrial era and the challenges that we will have to face, as well as to explore the essence of natural worlds to be preserved or reinvented. The exhibition will present different visions of a world that has become uninhabitable for an increasing number of living species, while exploring possible and dreamed spaces for the future.

Participating artists will be selected through an international jury of artists and curators. The call is open to all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. 

Series as well as individual images are accepted. 



The selected artists will take part in a group show at the Mulhouse Photo Bienniale.

Discover more about the festival:

LOGOTYPE BPM NOIR 300DPI - copie.jpeg

Final deadline

April 3, 2024 - 23:59 UCT+1


Click  here  to get to know the jury members.

Entry fee

5€ to 15€ according to the chosen submission option.

Read more about this topic on the submission platform.

Guidelines and rules

Carefully read the guidelines and rules before submitting your work: 

© image by Vanessa Gandar, from the series « La dérive des pôles »

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