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About the project

PEP aims at exploring the photographic language in all its aspects, photography being here considered as a way of communication using its own visual elements as pieces of a particular vocabulary. Each element of this “visual lexicon” constitutes a theme in itself, further explored in a free and personal way by various artists who ultimately show the result of their work in a collective exhibition. The aspect of the collectivity is central to the project: the plurality of perspectives allows to reach a wider and more creative approach by opening each theme to new ways of interpretation likely to challenge the common ideas usually associated with them and create an expanding and innovative visual lexicon.


The idea of PEP arose from a simple observation: in a context where the general interest in the photographic medium has never been so vivid and where remarkable works are flourishing every day, it is often not easy for emerging talents to find the right opportunity to show their work. That’s why PEP wishes to give the chance for new voices of photography to gain exposure and recognition by showing their work on the international stage in different galleries and festivals around Europe.

Get exhibited

The selected photographers will get the opportunity to show their work in a collective exhibition in Berlin, Brussels or Mulhouse.

Get published

The selected works will be presented in the exhibition's catalogue as well as featured online.

Get connected

PEP gives an opportunity for emerging photographers to get their work exhibited for an international audience, share their practice and experience with professionals of the sector and gain recognition.

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