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‘In Natura’ depicts objects that imitate various aspects of nature. Trees made of concrete, dinosaurs under the highway or hatches in the sky; the use of bizarre materials as well as construction-related flaws lead to an ironic and grotesque impression. Even if there is sometimes a claim to reality, the inappropriately embedded surroundings betray the imitation and reduce these replicas to absurdity.



"Anima Mundi" is a physical journey into the Peruvian Amazon forest, but it could have happened everywhere - even in the imagination. Anima Mundi means to be disoriented when all reference points start to be missing.


It is finding yourself alien in a natural world that you thought was of comfort. 


It is learning that a break is not the end but the starting point to recreate your own place in the natural environment.


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"Amygdala" refers to the place in the brain where emotional memories are created, stored and processed. Some are strongly anchored in our memory while others become colored over time. Fragments from the past lose their context and their connection with the present gradually fades. By using collages, De Wandel expresses the many layers of memories and makes us think about how we deal with facts and manipulation.


This series documents the incongruous behavior between man and the environment in Sumatra, Indonesia. On the one hand humans destroy virgin forests, wounding and killing animals, while on the other hand they do everything possible to save them. The series has been awarded 2 First Prizes World Press Photo in 2020 in the Nature Stories and Nature Singles categories.