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By Annemarie van Buuren


"In this series I want to express the connection or interrelatedness between the earth, animals, humans, plants, moon and stars. I combined my own drawings in East Indian Ink with analog techniques in which “nature draws itself” (Fox Talbot) such as photograms and lunagrams (A lunagram is a picture of the night sky exposed with the light of the moon). In this way I want to make visible that we are not separated from nature but a part of it."

"I like photos that tell a story and take you to another world. My work is poetic, mysterious and sometimes quite dark. I graduated from the Photo Academy as an autonomous-illustrative photographer with digital work, but not long after that I lost my heart to a wooden dry plate camera from 1880. The paper-negatives and the uncorrected lenses add an extra dimension to the images: they are no longer just about space, but also about time. I like to give the analogue paper-negatives a digital twist, merging day and night, past and present, reality and phantasy."



With her series "AMAZONE", Annemarie van Buuren participated in PEP's exhibition "Escape".


“In the Romantic Era, many artists travelled to the Amazone rainforest in order to paint. In their letters home, they described the Amazone as Paradise on earth, a mystical wilderness where the romantic concept of Oneness with nature could be experienced. Presently however, this paradise is under attack. Food companies divide the forest in agricultural plots for palm oil and soya, huge fires are raging and illegal gold diggers damage and scar the landscape. Borrowing the imagery from the Romantics in combination with 24 k. gold-leaf, I try to return the stolen gold, to heal the brokenness and to restore the rainforest to its beauty and Oneness.“

Ce qu'il reste33.JPG

"AMAZONE" by Annemarie van Buuren, from the PEP exhibition "Escape"

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