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The Manifestation | As a Buddhist transwoman in Thailand, they cannot be ordained to become a monk. Eda, as a transwoman herself, recreated a spiritual uniform that entirely reincarnated from collective handkerchiefs and transformed it into a Buddhist monk robe. She arranged the unknown ceremonial ordination ritual in the rural temple somewhere in Thailand. The ritual itself is meant to demonstrate the traditional Buddhist ordination ceremony. She documented a convincing situation where everybody feels safe in his/her identity, a singular vision of storytelling.

The Photography | The documented photography is the reimagined series about her traditional Buddhism ordination ceremony - to portrait and redefine the relationship between gender equality, political institutions, social structure and the beauty of diversity. It essentially quests for one of a kind story to tell.


About the artist

EDA is currently working on a personal project as a Creative Director of a creative art/fashion company, Actors and Actresses Agency, based in Berlin and Paris; and has specialized in experimental design projects, conceptual ideas, and critical thinking. EDA gained experience in over 10 years in fashion as a Fashion Designer and Art Director, where the artist's focus lays on inventing new vocabularies, define new visual languages and redefine into new stories, while collaborating with a wide range of designers/ artists.

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