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Liesl Pfeffer

The Fragile Mirage
from the series New Shapes, 2017

New Shapes is a series of staged still-life photographs. In this project, Liesl Pfeffer constructed an unreal world that existed only to be photographed. She sculpted objects from polished sheet metal which she then assembled in temporary arrangements with mirrors and coloured lighting. She photographed these arrangements, then dismantled the assemblages and exhibited the photographs. At a time when the photograph is increasingly dematerialised, this project attempts to rebuild photography as a physical medium.


About the artist

Liesl Pfeffer is a visual artist from Brisbane, Australia, living and working in Berlin. She has a Bachelor of Photography from the Queensland College of Art (2005) and a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) from Monash University (2017). Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in Australia and internationally since 2005, including at Jarvis Dooney Galerie and Lite-Haus in Berlin, and Ortega y Gasset, Wassaic Project, Trestle Projects and Chashama in New York.

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