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MAx Provenzano



Sarado is the result of a variety of influences in my work, this is not a piece about originality, this is about the need to generate gestures and recordings found on the web’s image search. A way to create my personal archive through a series of actions done by myself, I get involved with objects and poetic situations, I called these work series interActions, mixes between self portrait, photo-performances and actions for camera. Sarado has double meaning depending on the Portuguese language based (Portugal or Brazil), an interesting way to generate layers of knowledge that surround this work, a relation between Latin America and Europe and me in an immigrant intermediate reality. Placing band-aids over my face I try to avoid the gesture as way to neutralize different expressions that could define my personal feelings, a way to cure, a way to start again with a renewed face in a new reality, place, context or time.


About the artist

Being a chemist of formation and artist in constant investigation on the ephemeral processes of the matter that approaches his ways of work starting from experimental aesthetic formulations, MAx was born in Caracas- Venezuela in 1986. In 2017 he migrated from Venezuela to Mexico with the performance art ongoing project (IM)PORTAR, which was an independent collaborative work with the Mexican artist and curator Pancho López. Since then, his work has been influenced by the migration context in which he is actually living. His work is an intimate approach to his life, based on the relationship between body, object and environment. It makes him interested - or immersed - from drift, situationism and dispersion, accumula- ting a series of data and information in images, graphics, texts and materials for archive, study and observation. Subsequently, from two-dimensional approaches (drawing, photography, painting, scanning images, mixed) or videos and installations, or his own body, frames or delimits the processes of disappearance or disintegration, chemical or physical materials, the circulation of recordings and images through different platforms, all objects are found or procured and different personal events that goes finding on his way. A road, without end or planned purpose. Graduated from the School of Chemistry of the Faculty of Sciences of the UCV (2011). He studied at the Photography Laboratory of the Faculty of Science UCV (2008) and workshops on Venezuelan Art History at the National Art Gallery (2011), and Photography at the Nelson Garrido Organization (2013).

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