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For the new edition of its NEW TALENTS group show, PEP invited artists from all over the world to share what they have the most talent for. The proposals received from the international call for entries for this exhibition were very diverse, since no specific theme was imposed. The participating artists were invited to reflect on what is at the very heart of their practice as a photographer and to show what they are most passionate about. This way, they could fully express what really matters to them and what intrinsically drives them in their quest for images. From experimental techniques to documentary, travel photography or city scapes, the proposed images were various and representative of a global and contemporary approach to the medium. Social, experimental, political, autobiographical, formal and conceptual angles now enter into dialogue in the context of a collective exhibition showcasing new visions of photography from 34 selected artists of 18 different nationalities. The PEP New Talents group show will be on display at B-Part Exhibition in B-Part Am Gleisdreieck Berlin in December 2020.

Selected artists:


Camille Gharbi (FR)
Diana Cheren Nygren (US)
Tolga Akbas (TR)
Zachary P. Stephens (US)
Kei Ito (JP)
Phelim Hoey (IE)
Petras Saulenas (LT)
Vasilis Nikolopoulos (GR)
Thalles Piaget (CH / BR)
Chiara Ernandes (IT)
Evan Perkins (US)
Anton Kuehnhackl (DE)
Clémence Elman (FR)
Julie Alland (US)
Ligia Poplawska (PL)
Alexander Mendelevich (IL / RU)
Olga Anna Markowska (PL)
Oliver Leu (DE)
Weronika Perłowska (PL)
Makis Makris (GR)
Gerry Li (CN)
Charlotte Marien (BE)
Sam De Buysere (BE)
Giacomo Infantino (IT)
Michael Swann (UK)
Rosa Lacavalla (IT)
Giulia Parlato (IT)
Lorena Florio (IT)
Franziska Ostermann (DE)
Fabiane Aleixo (BR)
Ioanna Sakellaraki (GR)
Venus Bayat (IR)
Chen Qiushi (CN)
Steff Gruber (CH)

Jury and curators:


Bénédicte Blondeau
Rüdiger Lange


Luckenwalder Str. 6b
10963 Berlin


Admission free


December 4 to 19, 2020


January 6 to March 21, 2021

Opening hours:

Wednesday to Saturday, 12 am to 4 pm

Selected artworks:

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