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While the Nature is worshipped since the antique civilizations, the photographer denounces the despoilment and the condemnation of it in our contemporary societies and raises
it with audacity by the shooting of luxurious portraits. Devoured by the abuses of the men, it can however be reborn, carrying in itself the victory and the echo of its greatness. The portraits created have a symbolic reach and are sent back to existential questioning, although the intention is a real tribute to Mother Nature. Those pictures borrowing from the genre of the still-lives are able to evoke quite at the same time the magnificent or the morbid, the delight or the disillusionment, the life or the death, the revival or the disappearance.


About the artist

Heiress of a sensibility and a creativity stemming from the nature and from the artistic environment where she grew up, Syene was born in Nice in 1990 and is French-Colombian. She expresses early a personal vision of the surrounding world. She has admiration for the archaic civilizations in osmosis with the Nature which she considers as an inexhaustible inspirer - her photography is the capture of her imagination.
Every photographic creation is imposed as short-lived sculpture and unique piece where everything is implemented for the sought aesthetic outcome: direction, materials drawn from the world of the textile and the organic, study of the volumes and the assemblies, the graphics. The work of the artist is a collection of representations of imaginary beings associated to diverse metaphors. Invaded of mysteries owed in their multiple and disturbing transform, they are a subtle transition, of a visible peace, suspended in time and space.

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