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The concept of «A Sense of Place» is the focus of the third collaboration between PEP and B-Part Exhibition. In an international call for entries, artists were invited to submit works of their photographic practice that deal with this theme, which is oriented towards the conscious perception and sensation of certain places. This incorporates the physical nature of a place but also our emotional response to it, reflecting the way we connect with our environment. This feeling of belonging is essential and fragile at the same time. It can be altered by external factors such as urban or climate change that can for example jeopardize the ancestral homeland and rights of certain communities. In this sense, photography plays an important role. It contributes to the legacy that we leave for future generations, so they can see and feel our way of life and can empathize the deep connections we make as individuals.

In their photographic practice, artists often recreate a special resonance within the places depicted in their images.
They exert a certain attraction that can sometimes be used as a starting point for their creative process. But are those photographs really about the places themselves or more about the relationships we build with them? Why do some places vibrate more in us than others? Is it because they convey a certain symbolism or sense of belonging? Because they are associated to a certain time in history and have therefore become places of collective memory? Or is it because we have established an emotional relationship with that tells something about our roots, identity, family or personal story?

The artists who responded to the PEP’s international open call have dealt with these questions in different and diverse ways. To reflect this range, the jury, composed of the PEP and B-Part Exhibition curators, has selected works by the following artists:


David Bruneel

Zoé Chauvet

Sara Cuce

Owen Davies

Jonathan De Maeyer

Luciana Demichelis

Juan Fabuel

Lindsay Godin

Jasper Goodall

Mohammad Rakibul Hasan

Jade Joannès

Alicja Khatchikian

Cassandra Klos

Su Kui

Santeri Kuisma

Céline Levain

Cristian Ordonez

Xenia Petrovska

Jamie Reed

Christopher Rodriguez

Bartolomeo Rossi

Pascal Sgro

Marvin Systermans

Anya Tsaruk

Greta Valente

Ties van Brussel

Pauline Vanden Neste

Nick Verhaeghe

Yuxi Wang 
Wang Chuen Wong

Kinga Wrona

Martha Wurmus

Jury and curators:


Bénédicte Blondeau

Rüdiger Lange

B-Part Exhibition Subline.jpg

Luckenwalder Str. 6b

10963 Berlin



April 1 to 29, 2023

The exhibition will be exceptionally closed on April 20 and 21.

Opening hours:

Wednesday to Saturday from 2 to 6pm

Opening event:

Friday, March 31st, from 6pm

Admission free

Selected artworks:

Exhibition views:

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