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Cécile Bredeaux


«Jellyfish» has been realized in a French military base, the 3rd RMAT detachment of Montauban. Through this series of photographs, Cécile Bredeaux worked on the parachute itself, by erasing his first function to exploit his qualities as a plastic object. She handled every model of parachute as if it was a part of a rare specie, a specimen which we observe under all its sewings and which we could find in a cabinet of curiosities. Disconnected from their environment, these sails seem to be jellyfishes or other creatures of sea bed. This loss of marks shows the interest in the variability of the object and of its shape, and by there even its suggestive power.

About the artist

Cecile Bredeaux was born in 1995 in Normandy. She graduates from the Beaux-Arts Academy of Nantes (France). Since 2015, she developed a singular relationship with the French Land Forces, with the will to highlight the people who work in the shadow and the desire to show the artistic and creative dimension of this institution. With them, she has organized two one-of-a-kind personal exhibitions in 2015 and 2016.
Since then, she presented new works on several group exhibitions. She is now working on subjects like environment problematics, connec- tion between humans and animals, transition from childhood to adul- thood... In her opinion, art is the path to man in his weakness as well as his strength, showing his body as well as his soul. Art has to be a permanent fight for truth. One of her aims is to try to open everybody’s eyes, wherever they are, whatever they do, on the artistic dimension they can find in their lives and in the people they meet.

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