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For this second exhibition of PEP, we have asked photographers from all over the world to share pictures of the most special places they have ever been to. This invitation was launched in the middle of the summer: a season which is for many of us synonym of freedom, a chance to hit the road and escape one’s daily routines. So we asked the participating artists to reflect on what makes those moments so special and to share the impressions they encountered throughout the way, from the most diverse angles: the beauty of nature, the people they met, the stories that were told or created... We asked them to take us with them to the heart of their adventures and let us grasp the particular atmospheres of the places they discovered.

Through this exhibition, we are happy to share each artist’s most personal and diverse approach of the topic.


Kiehlufer 75, Berlin

Admission free

October 11-24, 2019

Opening hours: 

Every day

10:00 – 18:00 

closed on Tuesday

Opening:  THURSDAY, October 10, 6-10 PM

Photo exhibition - DJ Set

Anne-Marie Michel, Alex Currie, Eric Davidove, Guus Bakker, Ancuta Muresan, Fabio Bicudo, Jean-luc Bohin, Enrico Dedin, Ionut Cirja, Diletta Siagianni, Ian Forsyth, Sebastian Gil, Florencia Schvimer, Daniel Heilig, Natalie Hoyos-Herrmann, Shinya Itahana, Adrienn Józan, Fran NÚÑEZ, Irene Tondelli, Valentino Petrosino, Rachel Letchford, Serkan Çolak, Zakaria Wakrim, Luigi Vigliotti, Nina Weinberg Doran, Suzanne Engelberg, Ilja Vandenbroucke, Tanvi Jaiswal.

Selected artworks:

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