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Frozen, Wintry View of Circular Manicouagan Reservoir, Canada.January 28th, 2013 copie.jpg



© Vanessa Gandar

We are thrilled to announce a new collaboration between PEP and the Mulhouse Photo Bienniale!

​Through this open call, we are inviting artists to share their visions on our post-industrial era and the challenges that we will have to face, as well as to explore the essence of natural worlds to be preserved or reinvented.

Selected artists will participate in the PEP X BPM group show in September/October 2024 as part of the Photo Bienniale of Mulhouse (France). The exhibition will present different visions of a world that has become uninhabitable for an increasing number of living species, while exploring possible and dreamed spaces for the future.



Group show - Brussels
January 25 to March 17, 2024

© Ioanna Sakellaraki

In this first edition of the [PEP] Photographic Explorations exhibition, we went back to the roots of the PEP project - aiming at being inclusive & sensitive to experimentation, celebrating photography as a means to explore unknown territories. Through an international call for entries, we invited artists to show how their personal approach to the medium reflects an idiosyncratic vision on topics that matter most to them. We are thrilled to announce the selected artists for this group show at 254Forest as part of Photo Brussels Festival 2024!



Group show - Berlin
May 11 to June 7, 2024

© Natthaya Thaidecha 

How does a space influence our attitude and perception, and how does it participate in the plurality of our identity?  Near the streets and landscapes that we know and see every day, there also exist “heterotopias” that societies and cultures tend to produce. By delving into those different microcosms, the exhibition explores the characteristics that belong to a specific space, investigating the contrast between what is familiar and what is the other, what is real and unreal.

We are pleased to announce the selected artists for this upcoming group show at B-Part Exhibition in Berlin from May 11 to June 7, 2024.

Kseniia Petrovska.jpg





© Kseniia Petrovska

PEP invites artists from all over the world to explore the photographic medium into its smallest corners. The project enables photographers to share their insights and passions. Together we show the result of those experimentations in a group show in Berlin or Brussels.

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