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© Céline Levain 

Group show - Berlin
April 1 to 29, 2023


For this exhibition, PEP invited artists to show how their photographic practice can express the concept of « a sense of place », relating to how someone perceives and experiences an environment. The places depicted in their images often exert a certain attraction that can be used as a starting point in their creative process. But are those photographs really about the place itself, or about the relationship we have with it? Why are some places vibrating within us more than others? Is it because they carry a certain symbolism, or a feeling of belonging? Because they are related to a specific time in history and became a place of collective memory? Or because we have a kind of emotional relationship with them, in that they tell something about our roots, identity, family or personal story?  These questions have been explored in many different ways by artists who responded to PEP's open call. This exhibition will present their respective visions on the topic.






© Njaheut Gilles Valer

PEP invites artists from all over the world to explore the photographic medium into its smallest corners. The project enables photographers to share their insights and passions. Together we show the result of those experimentations in a collective exhibition in Berlin or Brussels.

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