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by Alejandra Vacuii


Galicia, a Spanish region in the Northwest, is a territory of myths and superstitions that go back to the night of time. One of these legends is La Santa Compaña, a procession of souls led by a living person with a cross who goes out every night through the woods announcing death. There is only one way to get rid of their curse: meet another living person and give them the cross. In the sepulchral silence that occurs as it appears, it can only be heard from time to time some soul screaming “walk by day because the night is ours!”.

Today, pessimism and hopelessness seem to have settled in Western societies as a response to the economic, health, ecological and moral crises that we have been chaining for years. As hauntology predicted, there is a general feeling that the future has been cancelled: we can no longer imagine a better future, the idea of progress has disappeared, and instead of feeling that the world is improving it seems that we are headed towards disaster without warning. The fear floats in the air as if something terrible is going to happen, is the end of the world near?

Walk by day because the night is ours tells the metaphorical story of this omen. Through the legend of La Santa Compaña, which has been a warning that death was near when the Galician people still believed in the supernatural, this project tells us about this pessimistic hunch that is contaminating our current feeling. Something dark, mournful and terrible is about to happen. Like the people who were with La Santa Compaña in the middle of a dark and silent forest, we are being warned of the arrival of death.



With her work "The ghost has no home", Alejandra Vacuii participated in the PEP exhibition "New Talents 2021":


This is a project about a search. The search for the extraordinary hidden within the ordinary. In any place and at any time a door opens to another dimension that can only be reached through an altered state of consciousness. We no longer know if we or things have changed, because our gaze becomes strange: are we surrounded by ghosts or are we ghosts? 


"The ghost has no home" by Alejandra Vacuii, from the PEP exhibition "New Talents 2021"

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