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Rhea Gupte Visual Artist Compost Install


By Rhea Gupte

© Rhea Gupte


"In my ongoing series Compost, I photograph weekly still life portraits of the wet waste produced in my home. The installations take on various forms as they are organically frozen over time, as layers of waste pile up, allowing me to play with structure, colour and textures. The end product challenges the idea of the contrived versus the organic, the images indulging in both. The series brings to the forefront the idea of creating art with minimal resources. It has been an ongoing effort in my art practice to create something out of nothing and to be able to see beauty or inspiration in the strange, mundane and unnoticed."

"I use the photographic medium to communicate ideas and emotions with the knowledge that the audience will take away their own interpretation of my work, as consumers of the medium, and make it a part of their own experiences and conscious. I like to use the medium to start conversations and hopefully a larger dialogue into the subject matter presented. I challenge myself to use minimal resources when photographing and try to stay away from sets, props and materials which aren't reusable or biodegradable and generate excessive waste."



With her picture 'Borrowed', Rhea Gupte participated in PEP's first exhibition "Interior". 

Her series Borrowed explores how rented apartments come with their own personality and a myriad of aesthetic decisions from previous owners. Where, as a tenant, one tries to make it their home in different ways thus yet again leaving a trail of combined preferences and visions. (30)2019-06-19_

'Borrowed', from the exhibition "Interior"

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