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Entry fees

Why is an entry fee necessary for this open call and where does the money go?

This is a legitimate question which can be raised by the participants and therefore we would like to bring some clarity and transparency by providing more information about the costs covered by the fees. As explained on the "guidelines and rules" page, the preparation of the artworks for the exhibition is entirely covered by PEP, in order to avoid the numerous problems related to artworks shipping. This means that the money of the entry fees is used to cover the following costs: printing and framing of the artworks (the exact number varies according to the capacity of the space). Production and printing of the exhibition catalogue. Open call and exhibition promotion (online + printed). Transportation of the artworks and equipment to and from the gallery. After the show: costs of packaging and preparation for shipment of the exhibition catalogues and prints to the artists. Then according to the conditions of use of the exhibition space - which are different each time - the following costs may apply: gallery renting, cleaning fee, bouncer, drinks and bartender for the opening night. Additionally there are the general running costs of the organization. PEP is an independent project that doesn’t get any sponsoring from companies, foundations or the government.

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